About Us

Kate Marielle Aviso
Our Chief Editor

Kate Marielle Aviso is the chief editor and The Fluffyheads co-founder alongside with Anthony Arellano. She's a Computer Science graduate and worked as a Systems Analyst for more than 3 years.

An avid lover of all things cute and squishy, she dedicates her time looking for books and cute things from different crooks and nooks. Well, if not looking for books, she spends a great deal dreaming up of fanfiction and original stories.

Innate in her nature is the search for the most interesting topics and the desire to speak out her mind. This is why the content of each contributor is part of their nature and personality. Adding a dash of tender loving care, she checks for errors and suggests corrections if needed. Talking about nature... She loves to check out sales. A good sale for her would consist of the following : books, cooking ware, polymer clay accessories and free apps.

And now a message from our editor-in-chief!!!

The Fluffyheads is a sanctuary for people who want to learn or who simply want to be in the know... Trends? Yes, we talk about that but not all the time. We want to let you know of other things as well. From cleaning tips for the house to different software to science, we want to let you know. This is a sanctuary of collective knowledge, a sanctuary for Fluffies everywhere! Keeps your heads stuffed!

...And the rest of us

We are a collective group of writers that have interests in many particular fields. The Fluffyheads is our book, and each of us contribute a chapter of knowledge as much as we can. Our little team shall provide you a collection of stories from diverse fields and.. a from wide range of topics. Stories that will tickle your funny bone, evoke memories of time long gone, spur actions, and increase the capacity of your knowledge vault. In other words, we will keep your heads stuffed!