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Doodling Time~!!!

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Doodling is innate in all of us~ Even when we were children, we have used doodles to express our ideas and thoughts to everyone around us. And, we always get mixed reactions from the more about Doodling Time~!!!

2013 Dieting Blues

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Ahhhhh~~~~ January 1... No more excuses for binge-eating and you need to lose the extra fats just in time for Valentine's Day. And nooo~~~ My dear Fluffies... You need to lose that extra more about 2013 Dieting Blues

TGIF: Stress Buster

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It's the last day of the workweek, my dear fluffies! And it's time to bust some stress out! We all have that certain bad week and we just need to unwind! You need to forget all the more about TGIF: Stress Buster