Off for My Own Adventure

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There comes a time in a man's life that he needs to set foot out of his own room and into the real world. The time has come for me on that day. I have been having troubles on juggling my priorities and my commitment to the site. I have been reduced to updating once a week even after vowing to give more time to make useful tutorials for each and every one of you.

I can only give you the assurance that my commitment is with and that will never change. I will be going on a journey or and adventure, either way you call it.

Don't worry Fluffy Buddies. Techie Tony and Random Rae who are my very dear friends will go on to continue stuffing your heads and entertain you with their posts. They were also saddened by my journey but they know I'll be back to post once again. I just need to fix some things and I promise you'll see a smarter (nerdier???) me! I will bring changes and more knowledge for all of you. So please wait for me!

Until then, Keep your heads stuffed!