Curiosity Lands on Mars

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The Mars exploration had Russia, Japan and America attempt almost 30 times with half ending in disaster. Now, NASA has something to celebrate as the Mars rover, Curiosity has successfully landed on the planet. And at $2.6 billion, it is a big deal.

It was not an easy task. A team of engineers had to pilot control and make sure the rover was safe as it entered Mars' atmosphere at 21,000kph. The voyage itself wasn't easy, it took 8 months for the spacecraft to travel and reach the planet, and another 7 crucial minutes to enter it. The space rover landed on Mars' equator where it was found out to have evidence of water and ice around the area. After landing, it was reported to have sent black and white pictures of the planet's surface.

Curiosity is expected to move around and flex it's robotic arm several days to weeks from now. It's also tracking radiation levels for further study on possible manned exploration on Mars. It's main goal however, is to search for life's ingredients. (i.e. carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and phosphorus) Curiosity will not have a problem as it has a built-in chem lab, power drill, radiation detector and laser that can zap rocks. Then again, there will be no sure answer, not unless, a future mission would involve getting Mars rocks and sending it back to earth for identification.

One of the most noted Mars rover was Opportunity, after 8 years of landing is still sending data and roving the planet named after a god of war..

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PBS News video of Curiosity Landing