Free Some Memory - Android ICS 4.0.3

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Just like our computers and our laptops, the smartphone needs to free up some space to efficiently open and operate. It also helps in lowering your chances of having a phone that overheats.

1.) In your homepage screen, choose the Applications widget.
2.) You may choose to do an Exit All option (a) to close all open applications, or you may choose only the applications (b) you want to turn off.
3.) Go to the RAM tab, and you'll be able to see the RAM usage of your phone.
4.) Press on the Clear Memorybutton, and it will proceed to close your unused running processes.

After doing all that, sometimes it's just not enough. Here are some additional steps:

1.) Press and hold the menu button, a list of tasks appear.
2.) Press on app and slide your finger to the left to close it. Keep doing it until you've cleared the task manager.
3.) Go back to the Applications widget in your homepage screen and go to the RAM tab.
4.) Press the Clear Memory button again, and you'll have a cleaner RAM than before!

There you go Fluffies, remember to do this on your Android phones and you'll be fine!

Keep your heads stuffed!