IObit Game Booster 3.5

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It's been a while now since IObit released their beta version of Game Booster 3.5. I am no salesman of them but I admire how the company offer such wonderful products for free and Game Booster is one of those. I just like everyone to know that they can improve their gaming experience on their PC by using this product. So if you ever wonder why even you have a wonderful gaming rig but still it lags? Then let Game Booster do the tricks for you.

Reason for all of this
Game Booster is a utility program made to kill unnecessary processes running on your machine while you are playing games. These unneeded processes include often those services that are seldom used like printer services, system tray programs, etc. Each individual of these processes may eat up you memory and CPU quite a bit, but when you sum them up they give you a quite of an itchy hair scenario. Because of the amount of computer resources your PC gives up for these processes, eventually you machine will really slow down. We all want a wonderful gaming experience. Even nerds like I do want it. So using this wonderful product is a must.

What it does
The Program works by carefully selecting the unneeded processes and optionally offers the other services to be stopped. Hence, you don't have to worry if you might break something while you playing your favorite games. One thing that Game Booster also do is that it cleans up your memory and then prepares it to be used solely by your games which technically consume a lot from your RAM's memory. After that the program will promote your game to have a high priority in the list of processes run by the system. We can do these stuffs manually but it really is a tedious task to do. Game booster offer us the ease to do it.

How to use
Basically, Game booster 3.5 home screen will just tell you to hit the "Start Boost" button and then voila! Your ready to play your games. When you done playing your games, you can click "Restore" to get your PC back to it's normal condition before you boosted. The process is just too simple that even a 3-year old can do it. There are further advance configurations that you can do with Game Booster but I won't tackle them because they are just optional and offer just a few benefits.

Download Game Booster 3.5 here.

So there you have it fluffies! Keep our heads stuffed~