How to Revitalize Your PC - Part I

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I think everybody nowadays get a hold of a computer. Computers help us on various ways... and if I say various then I mean limitless. Not really but almost to the point that you are buying the best rig in town to extend the things that you can do with it but there's one thing that you should consider; It has it's limits! Technically, these limits are often associated with storage capacity, file accessibility and data security. We can lower down the limit meter by simply following some easy steps.

The Idea
The idea is to simply delete all of the unnecessary files securely that your computer have. The files that should not remain in your computer are temporary internet files, cookies, sessions, caches, configurations set by Windows, and other stuffs that you really don't care. These type of files may be nothing to you but they help in slowing your PC's performance by growing up into bulks and span throughout your storage disk. Not just that, your PC may be vulnerable to attacks set by some cookies that you have downloaded from the internet. Deleting these junks really help a lot. Not just to your personal computer but also to your personal security.

How it Works
We will be using two free softwares which can just be easily download from the internet. These are Bleachbit and CCleaner. Be sure to download the latest versions of these programs to ensure stabilty and effectiveness. I won't dive deeper into the details of each of these programs but I will make one thing clear. Although these two programs mean one thing and that is to clean your system, but each target some parts of your system that the other do not. In short, they compliment each other. Maybe I am a little paranoid, but using them together really gives you the assurance that the job was done well.

Before we begin, it is best to turn your internet connection off so that no new files will come into the system. Close and save everything so that the entire process won't slow down.

We will be using Bleachbit first. Bleachbit is the most famous tool in cleaning up Linux systems such as Ubuntu and now also ported to have a Windows version. So, expect this guy will do amazing stuffs for you. First off, we open up Bleachbit and select all of the options we can get except for one thing. Leave the Free Disk Space unchecked. This option will make the process longer and simply because we will do the Disk Wiping later.


After that you can just simply hit Clean to start the process...


And yeah, you are deleting configuration files so a dialog box will come out. Just hit Delete to get things going ...


It will take about 5 minutes or more to complete the process and after that it will just simply say Done!


Now, Bleachbit is done with his part; cleaning most of your computer junks. But we are not finished yet. There is still more junks to clean. We now move on in using CCleaner.

CCleaner is computer program that contain tools that helps you maintain you PC. We will use it's Registry Fixer, System Cleaner and Disk Wiper to wrap things up. Open up CCleaner and go to Options -> Settings. Tick the highlighted items checked in the image below. This is for the Disk Wiper which we will be using in quite a bit.


We then go to the Registry Section. This is an optional step but this will also help your computer. Just do a Scan for Registry Errors and Fix the Selected Issues. That's all to it. You can have the option to save a backup of your registry but for me it won't matter.


We can now clean and wipe our storage disk but before that be sure to tick all of the items under the Windows and Applications Tabs check except for two. Don't include Network Passwords and Environmental Paths. You don't want to run into inputting these stuffs later, do you?


Now, hit Analyze and in a couple of seconds a list of items to be deleted will be shown. These items are those that are not targetd by Bleachbit. We now then hit Run Cleaner to get things done.


I mentioned earlier that we are doing some Disk Wipes which empty Disk Space. Hence, it will took a couple of hours depending on your PC's performance to complete the task. You may grab a cup of coffee, have a walk outside, watch your favorite tv show, or just do your chores. Seriously, this will take a while.


And then...


The process is finally completed. You can review the stuffs that are taken out securely from your system. The entire process leaves no trace that these junks ever existed inside your computer. You may not notice it immediately but your PC is now doing better than what you are having hours ago.

We just did a wonderful job today my fluffy buddies! Keep tuning in for the next part. That's all for now ... Let's keep our heads stuffed!