4 Skills for Total Web Security

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Our Delusion
It has been almost two decades since the internet age began and people are already making the web part of their way of life. A lifestyle where we worry less on errors, since there is always an "undo" in what we are doing. Making mistakes with regards to socializing with other people is really not a total threat. We often think that we are safe when we interact with other people in the web since the only thing that is connecting us with them are single line of non-electrocuting wires connected from thousands to millions of miles away.

Most internet users have this idea of being safe because their physical aspect of being a person are not affected on what they are doing inside the internet. Internet users can make aliases of themeselves that will serve as masks of their real identity, but most of us are not aware that although we are wearing these masks; someone was already watching us close, right at the very beginning. Gathering up traces of banking information, credentials, social network accounts, and even a person's own identity. Therefore, the perfect world that the internet seemed to give will remain a delusion.

How to Be Safe
You are asking how to make yourself safe from these cyber attacks? The answer is simple; stop the perpetuators right at the beginning and leave no trace of your web activites and know the websites you are accessing. How to do this? We just have to become a ghost, attain a bionic vision, speak a different language when possible and become light footed. To do this, just follow my lead.

1. Becoming a Ghost Inside the Internet with Ghostery
Ghostery is a web browser plugin that enables you too block all of the web crawlers and services that watches your actions in the browser. The most common watchers are analytics, ads and social network services. Yes, we might think that these watchers are just harmless but we never know how the extent of their intention. Being a ghost in the web with the help of Ghostery to make ourselves invisible is a wonderful idea.

Please visit Ghostery and download their plugin depending on what browser you usually use.

The download section is smart enough to tell you on what plugin you should install. In this case it suggests to download the Chrome extension.

After the easy installation and setup, Ghostery is now in action. It blocks all the services you opt to block and will indicate them in a bubble notification. You can configure it to unblock the individual services that you feel safe like google analytics, disqus services, etc. This gives you have the power to show your selves to a few watchers you feel like showing yourself.

2. Wearing Some Bionic Eyes with WOT
WOT which stands for Web of trust is also a plugin that enable users to label a certain website as safe or not. It shows the accumulated opinion from people about a certain website which often is very reliable. The plugin considerably gives you the extra vision when looking at a website. Seeing the website's intent right even before you go into it.

We install this amazing plugin by searching it by the browsers' respective addons/plugins marketplace or we simply download it from their site.

Installation is easy and very automated. After the installation, an indicator which is the WOT logo will be attached in your browser colored as green for safe, orange for uncertain, red for harmful and colorless for unknown.

WOT will warn you immediately about the links in your page. It helps you with searching around Google or Yahoo about relevant information and thus gives you the assurance of visiting a safe site.

Whenever you visited a harmful site, WOT will also immediately interrupt your activity and warn you about the site you are about to mingle with. WOT is really just concerned about your web safety.

3. Speaking a Different Language Whenever Possible with HTTPS
The data that are passed on our computers from the internet are sent via a certain transfer protocol. I won't go deeper with this because this matter has very long discussion and to make things simple I will just tell you the general details.

There are those malicious geniuses who hijack your data before it is sent to it's destination inside the internet. This is due to the fact that the normal line we are using is HTTP is just a simple request and respond protocol and thus not offer any encryption layer. With the advent of TLS/SSL protocols, we can now encrypt and provide a layer of authentication to our web transactions. Thus, a non understandable data will be shown when a hacker hijacks your line.

Not all websites offer this type of security. To know whether the website you are visiting has this feature, you just have to simply type into the address bar "https://" then followed by the sites domain. Extra warnings will be passed into your browser but just often times your can just proceed.

4. Having Some Light Toes with Your Browser's Private Browsing
Being sneaky in the web really helps and your browser can help you with that. You can browse websites while leaving minimal traces and sometimes even none. To do this you just have to go into a private mode where you isolate your browsing and thus making your cookies, sessions and cache volatile. This means when the moment you end your browsing the history and data about your browsing will be erased. It is like making some light footprints in the sand while you went surfing into the web which will be eventually be erased by the waves.

All browsers now have this feature and getting into them is easy.

Chrome's Incognito Mode

Firefox's Private Browsing

Opera's Private Tab and Private Window

and Internet Explorer's Inprivate Browsing

Staying safe inside the web sure is a tedious task but guarding your identity and resources is very important. Be sure to be follow this guide when doing very important tasks and even when you are just doing some socializing. Staying safe is always first because sometimes we are not just putting ourselves in the line but also our loved ones - our husband, wife, children and friends.

And we just did a wonderful job today fluffy buddies. Always remember that hackers may be geniuses but you can be a lot smarter than them. So be sure to keep your heads stuffed!