Movie Spoilers for 2011

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Hello there my dear Fluffies~!!! :D

I was having a bit of a laugh from watching the videos by TheFineBros. I enjoy their videos, and I can use some of them to show to my workmates and friends regarding different topics.. While watching one video, I just remembered my cousin who loves to read spoilers before he watches the movie. He has this absolute need to know what happens to the main character before he decides to spend money to watch it! Definitely a huge opposite from me~! I don't like somebody becoming a big spoily-maker on me! >_

My title is quite clear as to what the video is about below.. So if you're the type who doesn't like spoilers, don't play the video~! It won't tell you the entire story but it will definitely tell you the end! :( For the rest of the Fluffies.. enjoy~! TheFineBros speak so well too~! :)

Keep your heads stuffed, my dear Fluffies~!

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