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Since the dawn of time, people have always been linked to music. Every beat and every bang of the of an object has been made into a rhythm. Every sound became a symphony to our ears. We cannot live without music and we will do everything to bring it with us. Most of you, Fluffies may fail to remember or even too young to remember the very first portable music player.

The portable audio emerged in the 1950s with the Reel-to-Reel tape recorders. Just imagine two wheels turning while you talk to the microphone. It all started for the journalists, However, the portable music player came in the face of an 8track player. Then the cassette tape player and boom! Stereo players, and the ever famous walkman has arrived.

Sony gave us a whole new twist to on audio listening. The personal level that walkman has established will carry on for future generations of portable music players. They confirmed it more with the establishment of the Discman, a portable cd player in 1984, and the never-shot-to-fame Mini Disc player. Starting to feel familiar? Yes, you should. Probably by now, you will be able fill in the blanks because the MP3 players, iPods, Zunes and many more have dominated your world.

The whole new wave of mp3 players have dominated so much, that on 2010 Sony stopped the production of the cassette WalkMan. Now, another piece of audio portability will be a part of history. Sony has just recently announced that it will stop it's Mini-Disc production. We knew that the Mini Disc never caught on, as Sony should have expected. I think it was also about time, and this should help minimize the useless cost expenses for Sony. (Considering, they had a pretty bad year.)

Have you Fluffies ever used the WalkMan or the Mini Disc player? What are your thoughts on their production haltings?

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