Goat Simulator

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Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator by Swedish indie game developer Coffee Stain Studios, is a goat simulator with random quests. You are a goat and you complete quests that consist of doing tricks, scaring people, wreaking havoc and among many others....read more about Goat Simulator


Just Delete Me

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People have started questioning just how public their internet identities were and how their online secrets have an all-seeing eye on it. If you are not at all worried. Something is wrong wi...read more about Just Delete Me

To The Moon

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If you had a chance to fulfill your wish and relive your life again... Would you? A trip down memory lane to relive the ups and downs.. the laughs and tears.. Opening yourself up to 2 person...read more about To The Moon

Guess Who`s Back

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There comes a time in a man's life that he needs to set foot out of his own room and into the real world. Almost a year has passed. The man has learned his lesson and is ready to go back hom...read more about Guess Who's Back

2Life 2Gether!

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What started as a couple and lifestyle magazine has now become a full-fledged app for your partner~! Now, you have your own private cove with your BFF or Love of your life~! Introducing the ...read more about 2Life 2Gether!