2Life 2Gether!

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What started as a couple and lifestyle magazine has now become a full-fledged app for your partner~! Now, you have your own private cove with your BFF or Love of your life~! Introducing the 2Life~!

2Life is designed for two, and gives you and your partner a dedicated space to your relationship.


2Life offers a wide range of features that would make you and your partner go, "Oooohh~!!!"

Chat & Journal & Link Sharing

When you're with your BFF or partner, you would love to talk about the most random of things~! You might want to keep tabs on things you want to do as well..or perhaps a bucket list? :) Spa together.. Skydive~! Jump from a waterfall~~ Absolutely anything~! You can even share links to each other like your favorite music videos or even an amazon shopping link! (hihihihi~~ *hint hint hint~*)

Hmm~~ A journal? If you have chat and link sharing and lists.. What's a journal for?! Here's what 2Life had to say: Well, you can use it however you want, of course. But what we had in mind was a place to keep longer-form notes of a more permanent nature than chat messages or lists. For example, you could keep a journal about your relationship, or keep notes about restaurants you try.

Events & Photos

Naturally, for everything you must plan things out~! You can even share pictures of your wonderful moments with friends~! With a shared calendar, you can even see when is their available dates so you can meet up and have a nice cup of hot chocolate together! :)


It's obvious that this is more of a couple thing based on the magazines~! If you and your BFF love to check everything out soo why not?! :) It's a good way to see what other people think on some subject matters anyway~! You've got date night.. weddings (BFFs sure love talking about these~!!) and so so much more~!


This is my favorite part about 2Life! When you think sharing amazon links aren't enough~ You've got your profile shared to your partner in 2Life~! It can contain absolutely anything about you~! There's even whole page on clothing sizes, favorites and you can even add some of your own~! This also goes both ways as you can even store emergency numbers here and it can help your partner when one of you is in trouble.

2Life is available for a fee of $9.99 USD a year or $3.99 USD for 3 months, but fear not~! There is a Basic version, basically.. FREE~!! The limitations are the following:

1. 3 active lists
2. 20 photos
3. 2 Journal entries
4. Magazine Content
5. Chat
6. Calendar
7. In-app browser
8. Link Sharing

My dear Fluffies, definitely not a bad deal~!! I sure do hope that you would end up supporting them too though~!!! Check out our note below~! Download 2Life for iOS here.

NOTE: There is a launch special where for only $1.99 USD a year if you upgrade before August 15, 2013!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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