3 Unlikely Outlets of Masterpieces

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A true artist does not need the expensive tools... or the most amazing brushes in the world~! A true artist has a vision in mind and a whole lot of imagination~! :) My dear Fluffies~!! Let me present to you the 3 Unlikely Outlets of Masterpieces~! 3 common but never before thought of outlets by man~! Not until by these 3 Japanese artists~!!!

iPad via ArtStudio

Hmmm~ The iPad? I was quite skeptical at first too, dear Fluffies~! And when I watched the video below... All of my negative thoughts went out and were replaced with utmost respect for Seikou Yamaoka~! He uses an iPad app (even iPhone as well~!) ArtStudio on recreating masterpieces or even making his own~!

Check out his recreation of Girl with a Pearl Earring and be blown away by his meticulous hands~!

You can check out Seikou Yamaoka's website for even more masterpieces and also some of his watercolor arts~! If he can create some

Cappucino or Latte Foam

Oh~!!! My dear Fluffies~!! I've always loved capuccino foam art and I always think, "There's definitely nothing more to do with capuccino foam art!" Yamamoto Kazuki has proven me wrong~!! He took it to a whole new level by going 3D~! Also~~ Kazuki-kun does not own a coffee shop.. I feel the pain dear Fluffies~!!!


And if you're having a drink with your best friend, Kazuki-kun will definitely stretch the limits with this kitty on the koi pond~!!


Here's Yamamoto Kazuki's Twitter account if you enjoyed his art~!!!

Microsoft Excel

You read it right my dear Fluffies~!!! A person used Microsoft Excel at the age of 63 to start drawing~! Tatsuo Horiuchi found that the Adobe tools were sooo expensive that he just went and chose a Microsoft application to help alleviate his boredom during retirement~! He chose Microsoft Excel instead of Paint though and it is absolutely worth it~! Take a look at this sample of Kegon Falls that he did on 2007 and you can just absolutely see the amazing artistic prowess of Horiuchi-san~!


Look at the shapes he put together~!!!!


You can also download his other art Cherry Blossoms at Jogo Castle and be amazed once more~!

My dear Fluffies.. These 3 men proved to us that there is no obstacle to creating masterpieces if you lack the tools~! Look around you and you will definitely see the best outlet for you and your imagination~!!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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