Winging It to be the Next American Idol

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American Idol Top 3 Contestants

TheFluffyHeads don't just stare at the computer trying to learn all day, we try to kick back and relax sometimes! And we want you too, dear fluffies, to relax, to rest, and to enjoy! :-)

For my part, I have taken an interest with American Idol lately, because finally, some talent have appeared onstage! The past few seasons were total failures, the decent singers were either voted off or did not really audition for the show. And, I tell you, it has been frustrating! This season is different though, because finally, some people have either decided to vote, or some of them woke up to the reality that we need talent in this world.

We're currently at the Top 3 and everything is intense. And this is the crucial stage for all three contestants. You lose this round and all you can ever say is, "So close!" No!!! I don't mean that their careers just end like that! I'm just saying, at that point in their life, there would be regrets of not trying harder or song choices. It always hurts that you can never actually finish a thing, especially if you're just one step away from it all. This week will be the reckoning week for them all.

So far on the lineup we have:

1. the Artist's favorite - Jessica Sanchez (middle in picture)
2. the Women's favorite - Phillip Phillips (left in picture)
3. the Judges' favorite - Joshua Ledet (right in picture)

I would really love to see a matchup with the Artist and Judge favorite. There is absolutely no denying their talents, and both would really go through the lengths and their limits to deliver a good performance. If you watch their videos, they get the whole crowd going with how they feel. Joshua Ledet would go and rouse up the audience with his lively performances, and Jessica Sanchez would do smooth and easy for the sentimental or emotional side of the audience. They would definitely make a grand finale, and make it a must-see event. Phillip Phillips, on the other hand, for me delivered mediocre performances, and rocking the whole country boy-next-door vibe. It's not something that could totally capture worldwide audiences. And he's probably scoring some of his votes from the mothers who go crazy over Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen of Twilight. Scary? Yes. Definitely scary. Read about them, they really exist.

Anyway! Back to topic!

No more country singers for the winner please! It's been that way for more than 2 seasons now. Hmmm.. But then again, this is American Idol, not World Idol, Who am I to blame that they probably really like those type of singers because it reminds them of home. I just wish and urge for all of them to look beyond that and vote for great talent. (And for somebody who can sell in a worldwide setting.) However, I do applaud them for voting off Hollie Cavanagh, although it took a long time to do so.

Still, the Women's favorite would have to convince me some more before I deem him worthy of the finals. What about you guys? Leave your comments below on who you want to see in the finals!

Keep your heads stuffed and relaxed fluffies!

Jessica Sanchez Top 4
Joshua Ledet Top 4
Phillip Phillips Top 4

P.S. Check out the videos below of their latest performances.