The Violin of Auschwitz

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Everything is all about technology and moving forward~!! Sometimes, I just want to STOP~ I want to stop where I am, sit down and disappear from the real world.. I want to stay in the confines of my world and dream of yesterdays.. I want to go back to when life was filled with another type of struggle.. The struggle for freedom and the stand for what is good!

I picked up a book called The Violin of Auschwitz by Maria Àngels Anglada, a Catalan poet and novelist. She was born and raised in Vic, Spain in 1930. The book was released in 1994 in Spanish and was translated to English by Martha Tennant in 2010. It was something new for me, because I'm a bit scared of any novels that are of a deadly era.. But the picture of the violin seemed eerie at the cover with a story to tell and I couldn't help it. Here's a little description of the book~~

"In the winter of 1991, at a concert in Krakow, an older woman with a marvelously pitched violin meets a fellow musician who is instantly captivated by her instrument. When he asks her how she obtained it, she reveals the remarkable story behind its origin... Imprisoned at Auschwitz, the notorious concentration camp, Daniel feels his humanity slipping away. Treasured memories of the young woman he loved and the prayers that once lingered on his lips become hazier with each passing day. Then a visit from a mysterious stranger changes everything, as Daniel’s former identity as a crafter of fine violins is revealed to all. The camp’s two most dangerous men use this information to make a cruel wager: If Daniel can build a successful violin within a certain number of days, the Kommandant wins a case of the finest burgundy. If not, the camp doctor, a torturer, gets hold of Daniel. And so, battling exhaustion, Daniel tries to recapture his lost art, knowing all too well the likely cost of failure."

A marvelous good read from a simple book~! You can never know what a 128 page book will do to you~! I was even more affected knowing that the documents at the beginning of some chapters were authentic. The detailed description of a life inside a Nazi Concentration Camp was enough for me to stop and think about what it would feel like if I was there? Such a great mix of history and fiction, but with a lesson for mankind. This is a story of a fighting spirit and hope in one of the darkest times of history. The best part? All the feelings were true because we know it happened and we know there were survivors.

At the first part of the book, Sinfonia Concertante k 364 was playing that caught the man's attention to the violin solo of Regina and her violin.. Here's a little piece of the full performance of this wonderful orchestra piece~!!

Keep your heads stuffed~!

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