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There was a piece of disturbing news that has been going around lately about a newborn being stuck in a pipe.. How did it get there? Apparently the mother gave birth in the toilet and the baby fell through the toilet!!! T_T She called for help but didn't say she was the mother~! Was it all intentional? or just accidental?

My dearest Fluffies, there's a more disturbing news at hand... In South Korea, there is what we call a dropbox.. No~~ Not the dropbox that Techie Tony loves to write about.. It's a battle.. no.. a war waged against the cruelty of the world. This is a war that is being fought by one man, South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak, and his ministry.

The dropbox is the title of the documentary made by 22-year old student Brian Ivie that featured the pastor's Baby Box project.. A dropbox built onto the side of the pastor's house with a sign, "Place to leave babies"...

The inside of the box contains a thick towel covering the bottom, and lights and heating to keep the baby comfortable. A bell rings when someone puts a baby in the box, then Jong-rak, his wife, or staff associates come to immediately move the baby inside.

The babies are left sometimes with notes and that's a luxury.. There are only very few times that Pastor Lee Jong-rak has come face to face with the mother.. some of them leaving without a word, and some staying just long enough to chat a little..

Let's not judge other people who have no choice but to give up their babies, my dear Fluffies.. Instead, let's look for solutions and start helping them get back on their feet.. Or better yet.. give them a better alternative than part with their child.. If the inevitable comes, let's help these children get sent to a good home. We may never know what happened to the parents, but it doesn't mean that the we will never know of the children's fates as well..

They are loved, they are cherished, and they are worthy just the way they are.

Dearest Fluffies, if you want to help more here is their Kickstarter and if you prefer to donate via mail, then you may do so in the address printed in the website..

Keep your heads and hearts stuffed!~

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