BentoBox Love!

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Hello there my dear fluffies~!!! I was holed up in my room for a very long time.. and I'm sorry for that!! Tony just had to go and introduced me to the Humble Bundle!

Anyway! As I emerged from my room, I was hungry. Very Hungry. So I scoured the Internet for good food pictures. Being the japanese foodie that I am...


I stumbled upon a tumblr page dedicated to Bento decorating! It's a collection of different bentos made by different people! Each post has the source user and might even have a guide to help you make a bento exactly like theirs. Right now, I'm stuck at cutting out my nori (japanese for seaweed~!) into little eyes for my onigir (rice balls~~).

Check out some of the featured bento and the rest here!

What about you my dear fluffies? Have you tried making any bento? Was it as delicious as how good you made it?

Keep your heads and tummies stuffed~!