My Not-So-Blue Moon

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Blue Moon~
You saw me standing alone...
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own..

-Jean Harlow, "Blue Moon"

Oh how romantic it is! Standing under a pale moonlight, with the slight azure hue emanating from the moon.. Waiting for the love of my life to just come down and whisk me away~!

Enough of daydreaming about lost and late lovers~! Today, my dear fluffies, is a blue moon! It's my second post about our wonderful nearby satellite! First we had the super moon, and now a blue moon. Today, people in the Western hemisphere won't be able to see this because it's at daytime. If you're in Asia, then you're in luck! You'll see this magnificent big ball of moonlight brightness~!

A blue moon is a phenomenon of an extra full moon, placed at different times of the year. It usually occurs every 2 to 3 years where the extra days just accumulate. And because of such rare occurrence, thus the "Once in a blue moon" phrase, that we know and use today.

Scientifically, a blue moon is not blue, and it's not lonely. It only turns blue if there is a considerable amount of volcanic ash being spewed out by Mr. Volcano, or if there's a huge forest fire going on. And I don't want any of this to happen at all!

Scientifically ... oh poooh~! In ancient folklore, this is also the night where men turn to werewolves~ I would definitely not want to hear any howling tonight~!Instead, I will daydream of my prince charming underneath the wonderful bright sky~!

Keep your head..and your heart stuffed, my dear fluffies~!