Cheap but Healthy Eating

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Okay~! I already taught you the basics of keeping your veggies fresh~! Let's continue even more so we can get good meals out of those ingredients~! This is Rae's Cheap but Healthy Eating segment of the day~!

Cook in Bulk

My local meat shop gives good discounts when I buy in bulk, and so does my fresh produce supplier. Buying in bulk is an easy choice, it's the effort to keep them from spoiling is what's keeping me from making that choice.

For somebody living under a budget, little tweaks can go a loooong waaayyy~~ For example, I can stir fry one serving of bite-sized pieces of chicken in 5 minutes. With the same time (and same amount of heat!), I can stir fry more servings if I want to. Using the crackpot for your beef stew? Put in 3 to 5 more servings in there! I'm no picky eater, so I can eat the same thing over and over again.. :D

Half Stow - Half Sell

Oh, I know~~ Oh, I can feel it~~ You know you want to save some more~! Grab your Ziploc bags or your megaphones and let me show you the way~! As a young professional, I have workmates who complain that they are sick and tired of fast food. They would go on and on about missing home cooked meals, the perfect way to get my attention! Getting my list of clients is easy, obviously. When I decide to cook on what I want, I just give them a little ring and ask if they want to buy some. Not only you get to save your food from spoiling, you get your money's worth and you also have your next shopping budget! And who knows, it might end up to be a sustainable lifestyle for you~!

If you have qualms about selling your produce, then bring out the Ziploc bags and store per serving in the freezer... Voila! You have instant but healthy meals ready to heat and eat! Just make sure to cool your food before transferring to the Ziploc bag and to the freezer.

Remember always my dear Fluffies, a little effort can go a long way! Exert your effort on that one day and you can eat for a week! Let us know in the comments below on your ways of keeping the cheap but healthy lifestyle!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!!

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