Dragon Ball Z : Battle of Gods

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The Z-Fighters must contend with Bills, the God of Destruction. But it takes a god to fight a god, and none of them are gods... not even the Saiyans.

They are back~! They are really really back~!!!! Yes~!! Everybody was soooo giidddy as we waited in line for the tickets!!! The setting is set on the time when the gang had defeated Majinbo and everybody is celebrating Bulma's birthday bash~! What they don't know is that a god of destruction has awakened and is looking for a very worthy rival... Naturally, there are humor, pranks, and wonderful fight scenes~! Pride is tested, and ultimately a lesson here Fluffies~~

A little fun fact for all of you~~~~ This is the 18th Japanese animated feature film based on the Dragon Ball Z universe, and also the first film to be set within a Dragon Ball Z series timeline~!! Also, it's the first Dragon Ball Z movie to be shown in IMAX theatres in Japan and it garnered US$7,317,313 with 561,098 tickets sold in only two days. That's only in Japan my dear Fluffies~!!!! This just proves that Dragon Ball is not dead in our hearts~!!

Here is a very short trailer (fansubbed even~~) to give you a little peek~!

So what rating to give~~~ hmmm~~ I'll give it a 3 out of 5 for the touch of nostalgia and this undeniable feeling that the Dragon Ball series has not yet come to an end~!! For the die hard fans, I'm sure you would have loved to see good actions and cool plots too! But..seeing those wonderful faces again of the whole cast, their wonderful antics, and the happiness this anime brings.. It was enough to warm the hearts of every moviegoer.. Young and old were able to enjoy it, so I can't wait for you to enjoy the movie as well~!!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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P.S. And to prove that Dragon Ball is not yet at it's end.. be sure to check out this news article Or... check out this wonderful trailer below~!!!