She Said, He said - Dixit Experience!

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Dixit is Latin for "She/He said", a frequent beginning for many narrations from the olden times. And.. THIS~! Is what the game is all about! They say that a picture is worth a thousand words... How about a thousand clues? A game where clues and a common but secret language with your friends matter~! If everybody guesses your clue, you lose~! If just a careful few, then you get a mighty score~!

The gameplay is so simple my dear Fluffies~!!

1. Distribute 6 cards to each player.
2. Storyteller in that turn shall give out a clue for only some players to understand.
3. Other players choose a card similar to the clue and give to storyteller~~ Face down okay??
4. Storyteller shuffles cards and lays them all out in the table~
5. Other players choose the card they think is storyteller's card..
6. Reveal~! Did everybody got it? Points for them and none for you~! Did somebody get it? Points for you and them~! Did somebody choose your card over the storyteller's? Points for you~!

So... What do we think? :) We love clues, we love secret alliances.. We most definitely love confusing our player friends... And we love Dixit~!! It's fast, portable and so simple! Originally, Dixit started out for only 3 to 6 players, but with the expansion pack.. you can now have it to up to 12~!!! Twice the fun and twice the confusion strategies to use~! And you know what's a huge plus? The artwork! I love how the cards contain the most random of arts but the colors are so warm and quite engaging to eyes~

Oho~! So just how many cards are we talking about? :3 How many cute artworks and random drawings are we talking about? :3 Oho~ About 427~ :) 84 cards each deck and 7 promotional cards~! Divided into the following:

1. Dixit
2. Dixit Quest
3. Dixit Odyssey
4. Dixit Journey
5. Dixit (no name) - to be released on November 2013

Parent Fluffies~~ Don't you think this is a good game for your kiddies? :) Let their imaginations roam free and wild with their friends... Or if you dare.. see if you speak a common language with your Fluffy Kiddies~!!!! :3

The game/s are available here but... If you are a Fluffy from the Philippines, there is another online store for you~!! Check out Ballista Games for a more local feel and a more local price~!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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