Doodling Time~!!!

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Everyone at the Fluffyheadquarters loves to doodle~!!! I doodle words, flowers and multiple hearts. It messes up my table and my whiteboard~!! Tony doodles a lot of portraits of me and nathan doing our work! When he's feeling a bit vain, he draws himself on his computer whilst drawing for the posts. Doodleception anyone? Nathan? He likes to doodle multiple experiments, and of the stars~ He has out-of-this-world ideas~!

Doodling is innate in all of us~ Even when we were children, we have used doodles to express our ideas and thoughts to everyone around us. And, we always get mixed reactions from the adults. (BOO!) Some even highly discourage it and try to take it away from our lifestyle~! (BOO~!!!!)

Fret not, my dear doodle-loving Fluffies~! Science is on our side! It's time to get back to our teachers and bosses that we are actually paying attention when we're doodling! According to Jackie Andrade, doodling group performs better on monitoring task and 29% more information on a surprise memory test. Andrade explains that doodling is different from daydreaming. Daydreaming can exploit so much of our brain performance that we stop paying attention. Doodling does the opposite, instead, they help reduce the chances of daydreaming. Doodling uses little to minute brain processes that it actually helps in stopping our brains from going to daydream mode and continue to pay attention.

Take that, insensitive bosses and annoying teachers~! (Well... not all of them, some are definitely cool~!)

You can check out more about doodling on a TedTalks video below:

and the article, Applied Cognitive Psychology by Jackie Andrade. Well, here's the Time article for it too, for easy reading.. :D

So what are you waiting for? Grab your writing materials and start doodling~! Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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