Getting Smart with Moleskine and Evernote

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The holy grail of all notebooks~!!! It's finally here and it's in my wonderful hands~!!! My Evernote Smart Notebook~!!!! *fangirl scream*

Evernote has gone to the notebook industry, hand in hand with Moleskine~ I was absolutely thrilled when my two favorite companies just fused together to create the notebook that I have been wanting for oh-so-definitely-long~! My ultimate dream has finally been realized of syncing my physical and virtual notes together.. The Evernote Smart Notebook has enabled me to stop the redundancy I do everyday where I write and retype on my evernote notebook because I don't have the ability to search through my notes... Yes, I keep a lot of notes, and I need to certainly keep track of them~!

The greatest thing about this? Moleskine ships worldwide~ Oh yes.. wherever you go.. Moleskine will be able to ship~~ :3 Please tell me that you are not tempted by it all~! Get ready with your credit cards and shop away my dear Fluffies!!

Hmm? You're still wondering how to use it? Don't worry my dear Fluffies~~ Evernote has got you covered~! Check out the video below for a very short tutorial of this wonderful notebook~!

Interested in buying this cutie patoootttieee notebook? Just click on here! Remember... Keep your heads stuffed my dearest Fluffies~!!!

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