The 20/20 Experience with Justin

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iTunes has given us a very good deal today my dear Fluffies! A week before Justin Timberlake's album drops he's letting us stream if for free~!

Why is it called the 20/20 experience? I'd like to think that 20/20 is the perfect grade for vision, so maybe after 7 years and a string of gigs.. We can now see Justin Timberlake in the clearest possible view we could ever have, and that's music~~

If you're a wee bit curious, here's the track list:
1. Pusher Love Girl
2. Suit & Tie
3. Don't Hold the Wall
4. Strawberry Bubblegum
5. Tunnel Vision
6. Spaceship Coupe
7. That Girl
8. Let the Groove Get In
9. Mirrors
10. Blue Ocean Floor

This is a nice mix from Justin Timberlakeā€¦ A variety of songs that could make you say, "What took you so long JT?!" Suit & Tie is his signature way of singing (with some collaboration with Jay-Z), That Girl is his feature song for his high pitches and Let the Groove Get in is more of a Latin beats! Mirrors, and Blue Ocean Floor represent a softer and new side of him, very vulnerable and quite a risky road to take!

Our cool JT isn't that young anymore, so you might notice that his high pitches are not what it used to be. He has a more contoured voice now, but it definitely didn't lose it's magic! It can still capture our hearts and make our eyes go wide in amazement with his range~ Another new point would be that most of the songs are more than 7 minutes long, my listening experience took me more than an hour to finish and this is straight listening my dear Fluffies~!!

And my favorites.... My favorites would have to be Mirrors, That Girl and Blue Ocean Floor. Why? Their greatest difference is that it's meant for one girl, a girl for forever. I know I'm turning it to cheezy mushy stuff but it's true~!!! Here are some of my fave lyrics~!

Mirror: Cause I don't wanna lose you now / I'm lookin' right at the other half of me / The vacancy that sat in my heart / Is a space that now you hold

That Girl: Cause I'm in love with that girl / So don't be mad at me / So what if I'm from the other tracks / So what if the world don't think we match

Blue Ocean Floor: If my red eyes don't see you anymore / And I can't hear you through the white noise / Just send your heartbeat I'll go to the blue ocean floor / Where they find us no more

Don't they just scream, I LOVE YOU FOREVER GIRL!!! *sigh~~~

The lyrics aren't explicit but it's ridden with sexual innuendos of all sorts.. It's easily ignored, but definitely not good to stick to children's ears.. Parents you have been warned! It's not yet too late to avail of the free livestream of JT's album on iTunes just click here~!!!

Keep your heads stuffed~!

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