Fighting for Love

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Love is the reason for this season, and after finding this image only intensified this fact.

Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able to share the types of loves and the different aspects to it. There's just so much, but today, I want to share a particular side. We've all seen videos of soldiers coming home from their different tours and giving their children (and loved ones!) the surprise of their lives. Take a look at the video below and tell me that you don't feel teary-eyed~! I was literally bawling my eyes out when I saw this video.

There is another type of surprise though.. It's the new being that's waiting for them… I cannot and will probably not be able to comprehend the feeling of a father as he first holds his newborn child in his arms. As a parent, who would be so absolutely smitten by this life and will have him wrapped around it's little finger. I can only imagine the thoughts inside this Airman's head as he gazes into the eyes of his little daughter for the first time. They say that a man would only become a father, once he holds his baby for the first time.

Sometimes, though, fighting for love does not equate to a happy ending. I have read some heartbreaking news of men dying and not getting the chance to see their children through. And it just breaks my heart, that despite of the many happy endings, there are extremely sad ones.

Mind you, there are more… The most prominent ones in the Internet are those in the United States.. I would really like to see other countries as well. These men and women, fight for love, no matter where they are. This holidays, let's just remember the people who put their lives on the line and their loneliness so we can have a peaceful Christmas.

Keep your hearts stuffed~!

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