Viral Video: Slow Mo Flying Kitties

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Good day, my dear Fluffies!! :)

I'm sorry for an almost silent week! :-( I've been having a hard time due to my sore muscles from working out too hard.. That got me down for a couple of days, and I'm trying out different home remedies.. I should be able to post more on this soon, after my experimental period ends!

And here.. I'm actually stuck in my computer clicking on the Replay button of a video... Cute Kittens Fly in Slow Motion to Hip Hop Dubstep!!!

Dubstep has never been my cup of tea, and I really hate listening to it. However, for this video, I shall make an exception! The kitties are oh so cute~!

Now, before all of you go crazy and say, "Poor kitties! Off with their heads! Burn the owners!". Please read the following disclaimer from the video-makers themselves:

Before you go all crazy on me for "hurting" cats, you should know that the cats were handled with GREAT care. We decided to keep the shot tight on the cats so that they did not need to be airborne very long. The cats were tossed a few feet into an enormous and ultra soft sheepskin blanket. The cats were treated like royalty. They were fed gourmet cat food and lots of water. We took many breaks where the kittens rested and played in the shade. They were full of energy the entire shoot which lasted a mere one hour. This video was shot six months ago and the cats are alive and in perfect health today. I love cats and would never even consider harming please stop sending me death threats. Anyways...

Enjoy the video, my dear Fluffies! Until then, keep your heads stuffed!!

flying kitties