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While Tony is off oogling and drooling at the new phones and televisions of CES 2013.. It's time to go to the lesser known gadgets of CES 2013~~!!! And I found three gadgets that help in essential parts of our everyday lives. Sleep. Food. and Shopping.

Intellipillow - Knows How You Sleep

We all know that we don't sleep in just one position the whole night... I sometimes wake up on the floor~ or on the other side~ or even wrapped in my blanket that I didn't know could do~! >_

Introducing the IntelliPillow~! A new product from Innvo Labs, this is the pillow that knows how you sleep. It's an expensive pillow ($350 - $400 for your piece of comfort), but let me tell you what makes it know how you sleep~! The pillow has inflatable chambers connected to a compressor near your bed. Every time you toss and turn, the pillow takes in your position and the compressor will deflate and inflate your pillow for the necessary shape~! No more waking up for fluffing pillows again~!

Haier Wireless Blender

I had a bad experience with a blender when I was young. I was being my usual behaved self.... well.. no.. I was actually running and skipping about in the living room to the kitchen when... BAM. I tripped on a string and fell. Oh no.. It wasn't a string, it was a power cord to Mama's new blender. Oh the wonderful reprimand I got.. :-(

Haier, a chinese company, made a solution for that. You see those mats for wireless charging? Apparently, blenders do a good job of charging from there too~! Place the power mat on your countertop and start making those smoothing with a wireless and worry-free blender~!

FaceCake with Swivel

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping~!!!!! Give me the sales, show me where they are and I will find them~! I will, in turn, be on a guilt trip because I would have hassled so many sales attendants by the end of the day. When girls go shopping, we are in denial. We either think we are too big or too small for that size.. We end up making the attendants crazy by letting go into the stockrooms and grab almost every size and even every color~! FaceCake with Swivel will change all that.

Making use of the capabilities of Kinect (finally~!!), you stand in front of the screen and you can literally drag and drop virtual clothing and decide which color looks good on you! In addition to that, you can have Swivel where you drag makeup and accessories, even to the point of you changing colors. What a boon for the makeup industries that don't need to waste money on test products~!

All the products above don't necessarily eliminate the need for the manual, but at least we have more options to choose from~! I especially cannot wait for FaceCake with Swivel to become a thing! I see more value in this because of the fashion industry that flourishes worldwide!

Keep your heads stuffed, my dear Fluffies~!!

[Haier Wireless Blender]
[FaceCake with Swivel]

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