The Freshness Experiment

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The Freshness Experiment

2 weeks have officially passed and my experiment is completed~! After multiple methods of trying to keep my vegetable fresh, I finally have one of the winning combos! :)

Okay, a little backstory... I buy my vegetables in bulk because it's cheaper that way~ I can get romaine lettuce that would last me for 2 weeks for under 2 USD as opposed to buying pre-made salads that cost about 5 USD per meal!! The only problem I have is that I am alone and that makes it hard to consume this huge mountain of greens in a span of a few days! Fret not, my Fluffies! See below for steps on keeping the freshness experiment!

Romaine Lettuce
Here's a very simple guide to make your lettuce last for about two weeks!

1. Tear off the leaves, one by one. Wash them. If these are organic then you might want to do some extra light scrubbing to get all the dirt and worms off.

2. Dry the leaves. It is best if you have a salad spinner on hand. This would ensure that any excess water will be stop away~!

3. On the kitchen counter or on your dining table or... just about any space you can get, lay out some paper towels, with the edges overlapping just a teensy bit~

4. Lay your lettuce one leaf at a time on the towels.

5. Roll the lettuce sushi up and place inside Ziploc bag. Make sure to flatten it and squeeze excess air out!

6. Store inside crisper section in refrigerator to further ensure freshness.

You can now have fresh lettuce for the coming days. Try wrapping individual servings of lettuce in different Ziploc bags. That way, you only get what you need and not disturb the other sleeping lettuce!

Garlic and Onion
A little disclaimer my dear Fluffies: I admit that this is not the best way to store garlic and onion. However, I am a young professional that barely have time to prep properly every time I get a chance to cook~

The best way to store garlic and onion is to keep it in a well-ventilated space and in the dark. Living in a tropical country, does not help at all. The "cool" temperatures are even enough to kill a rat in this place... (Let's leave that to another story~~ :3)

1. Mince onion. Mince garlic. Separate bulbs and squish them a little bit.

2. Place the minced onion, minced and "squished" garlic in separate Ziploc bags and store in freezer for 2 weeks at the maximum.

I use a lot of garlic and onion in cooking so the taste doesn't quite differ from the time i store to the time I cook them.

Carrot and Cucumber

1. 1 paper towel = 1 carrot / cucumber, wrap individually.

2. 1 paper towel sized tin foil = 1 carrot / cucumber, wrap individually.

3. Store inside crisper section in refrigerator.

For carrots, a week and a half at most~~ For cucumbers, a week (and this is stretching to the ultimate limits). It is also best that every 2 days you replace the paper towels used for the carrots and the cucumbers to get rid of any excess moisture that were trapped. The same goes for lettuce~~

There you have it, Fluffies~!! I hope these steps will help you in stretching your wallet a little bit more and have better access to healthy food through the week! If you have more suggestions for other food items, let us know in the comments below~!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!!

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