Gangnam Style Epidemic

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In US, they have swag. In South Korea, they have Gangnam Style. My dear fluffies, this music video is the MOTHER of all random music videos!

The video was made by PSY, a korean hip hop artist. (Taken from the word, psycho, of course.) However, this man graduated from Boston University and Berklee College of Music. Amazing? Yes, I think so too. His first album was banned because it showcased inappropriate content for underage listeners.. And his 2nd album was banned because the content was inappropriate for listeners over 18.. Seriously, South Korea? You really can't please everybody..

To date, the official music video in PSY's official channel has 52 million views!!!! Talk about viral!! There's also a girl version, made by HYUNA of 4Minute, and to date, has 15 million views! Truly, not bad for a man who went into hiatus for two years.

Check out the video below, fluffies! Let me know what you think! :)

Keep your heads stuffed~!

PSY Gangnam Style