Happy New Year - 2014 Edition

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Just an early .... late edition for you my dear Fluffies! We are absolutely sorry that we have been off from the grid for a month now. Wow, and in behalf from the Fluffy Headquarters, we are oh so sorry~ :( We all love you our dear Fluffies and we couldn't bring ourselves to bring you mediocrity anymore!

What does Rae have to say for herself? Well~~I've been on a soul-searching quest to give you something new, and I'm still on it! For the coming days, however.. I will post everything that I've learned up to 2015!

Nathan and Tony have been cooking up a storm as well and they can't wait to share with you their many efforts~! (Some MIGHT be collaborative.. *wink wink*)

2014 is filled with prospects and we can only hope that you the best of holidays as well. If not, remember there's always tomorrow.. and despite everything.. We wake up.. we live. Let's embrace everything and make our own choice to strive on!

Happy new year~!!! Keep your heads stuffed~!

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