Life Preservation 101 : Crossing the Street

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The Fluffyheads love to tackle multiple topics under the sun, and while walking today, I almost got hit by a car. =_= It was a fault on my side, but I was too complacent. I didn't bother to be extra careful on checking for incoming impatient drivers that don't mind running over people crossing over the pedestrian lane~!!! *rant rant rant~~*

Anyway~~ I should calm down~ I'm just glad and very much thankful that he didn't hit me! So lo and behold~! Rae's first ever Life Preservation 101: The Street Edition! The tips below are from my own experiences and my dialogues with my fellow drivers. A reminder for me, and I hope to share these with you as you walk those streets next time..

1. If it's glaring outside, don't glare back~!
Do not compromise your vision, Fluffies~! If you can't see the road properly, So put on some sunnies or use an umbrella to help shield your eyes from Mr. Sun! The umbrella helps with your skin too, no bad UV rays could touch you on that high noon time~! Complete vision is a must for checking out your surroundings properly and to check out for abrupt disturbances in the force (e.g. an impatient motorist who won't give you the time of day to cross, or that man who is running late for work!).

2. Look both ways
...and never at your phone~! Your messages, Facebook pop-ups and calls can wait~! It only takes a few seconds to get to the road safely or to give your life away..

3. Keep moving forward
Yup~! Just like the motto from the movie, "Meet the Robinsons." Many people make the very huge mistake of doubling back because they weren't sure how to cross the road anymore. In that moment of panic, they turn back and boom.. That's when a car or an impatient motorist hits them. :( Let me explain.. A huge percentage of the drivers would think you will be going forward thus trying to buy the allowance BEHIND you.. If you double back in a split second, that changes everything! If you aren't sure.. just freeze. Wait for all the chaos in front of you to blow over and walk forward.

4. A world of differences
The location matters, M-A-T-T-E-R-S. Different places mean different lifestyles and different road attitudes. If you're uber uber lucky, you might be living in a suburban town where everybody is laid back and respect each other.. That would be the most ideal of all commuters and foot-treading lovers~~ Ahh the country life~! Or.. you might end up like me, who lives in a very busy town with very impatient and aggressive drivers. A very important travel tip, always check the culture you will be immersing yourself into.. Is it laid back? Is it fast paced? Those questions can definitely save your life and ease up your anxiety~!

5. Most importantly...
Presence of the Mind is essential... There is not enough emphasis on this. Do not let your thoughts fly by, be alert~! I know we all love daydreaming, but this is a big No-No! Not just in crossing the streets but in all aspects of your life~!! There's more to discuss about this and I'll be giving your more insights on Life 101 in the days to come!

Remember parents, as much as possible teach your child your own safety measures~! If you're having trouble then feel free to use my little post to guide you as you teach your little ones~!

Stay safe my dear Fluffies and keep your heads stuffed~!

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