The Unbelievable Life of Pi

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After much delay on our side, we finally got a chance to watch Life of Pi. Tony and I are never 3D fans, but we sucked it up and went with an open mind to enjoy it~! Truly, the 3D was worth it! Life of Pi is amazing both in plot and cinematography. Yann Martel's idea was already amazing to begin with. What we saw in the movie is how Ang Lee and the rest of the producers saw Life of Pi through their own eyes.

Life of Pi recounts Piscine "Pi" Mortil's ordeal as a shipwreck survivor, with no one but an adult Bengal tiger named Richard Parker for company. It tells of his many adventures and the connection he forged with Richard Parker.

I mentioned before that Doodling is innate in all of us. It is how we express everything inside our heads, my dear Fluffies. So it is with our imaginations and writing~! Those vivid pictures in our heads being put into words are the best things that we can give to our readers, thus enabling them to create their own pictures.

Life of Pi is the story of how a man saw the world, the concept of love, the concept of God, and the reality of life. Every man's struggle is different, and this is Pi's. Indeed, it was beautiful. The vibrant use of colors, movements and the scene transitions are so well thought, it was worth every penny spent on 3D. If you're a parent who wants their child to think about his/her many choices in life, this movie is for you. Watch it with your child and take on a journey by guiding him/her to her chosen path in life.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think! If you have already watch it, let us know what you have started thinking about your way in life!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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