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Hello there my dear Fluffies~!! It is that wonderful time of the year where spring fever kicks in and you're dead broke~! And all this time, all I kept thinking was, "There are so many things that we try to get for less or even for free~!" Then another thought hit me... Let's check out the parallel universe~~ What if I had all the money in the world.. What will I do with my money??

The Ultimate Journey

Raise your hands if you want to:

1. Take 2 years off from everything~!!!
2. Boil your archaeological blood by visiting 967 UNESCO Heritage Sites..
3. Live in the world's finest accomodations!

Be the Very First To do so!! This Never Been Done Before trip has been dubbed as a 'haven for wealthy luxury enthusiasts, especially early adaptors.'

Destinations on The Ultimate Journey include: Mexico’s ancient city of Monte Alban; the sensational Taj Mahal in India; Petra the symbol of Jordan; Cambodia’s exotic Angkor temples; Spain’s Moorish Alhambra; the Great Pyramids in Egypt; China’s enchanting Forbidden City and Peru’s Machu Picchu sitting 8.000 ft above sea level. Sigh~~~ What wonderful places to be in~~

£990,000 or $1,500,000 USD

Waiter? Dessert please!

The Frrrozen Haute Chcolate Ice Cream Sundae is a fine blend of 28 cocoa, and 14 are the world's most expensive~!! Serendity 3 at New York has set a Guinness world record with the world's most expensive dessert every created~!! (Also, did you know they also have a $235 USD burger? I know~! Insane~!)

Luxury jeweller, Euphoria in New York helped out in the creation of this wonderful dessert~~ Oh you guessed it right my dear Fluffies~!! The dessert is decorated with 5g of edible 23k gold and the serving goblet... Oh~!!! The serving goblet has a gold bracelet base, and has edible gold linings~!! If that isn't enough, it is served with a gold spoon lined with diamonds.

$25,000 USD

All the Hello Kitty in the World~!!

Anniversaries are days where you spend so much for that special someone.. well.. hmm.. Let's think of it this way, Yuko Shimizu did just that!!

On Hello Kitty's 35th anniversary, Sanrio partnered with Swarovski and Japanese jeweller I.K. to create Super Hello Kitty Jewel doll~! 4 inches tall and made of solid platinum~! Whew~~ Adorned with thousands of precious gems.. specifically.. 1939 white topaz, 403 pink sapphires, black spinels for her eyes, a citrine for her nose and.. the deal sealer.. a 1.027 carat diamond on her bow!

¥15,000,000 or $165,000 USD

Clean Up

If I'm rich, will I be doing my own cleaning? Given my love for all things clean and pure, yes, I probably will. And when I'm filthy rich.. I'll just give out a little call to Electrolux for The Crystal Ergoripado. Mind you, this is an award-winning, crystal studded and very much available vacuum cleaner.

I'm not kidding~!! Yes~! It's a vacuum cleaner~! Created in 2009 by Polish Fashion designer Lukasz Jemiol, the vacuum was commissioned to commemorate Electrolux’s popular Ergoripado model. These are limited edition vacuum cleaners that come in black and white colors... Now ladies, contain yourselves.. It's adorned with 3,730 Swarovzski crystals from head to foot~!! With this type of vacuum, I doubt that I can ever trust anybody else with this handy dandy machine~!

$19,340 USD

Whew~!! Enough daydreaming~! Remember always that money is not the key to happiness. I can attain the same level of happiness with WAYYYY CHEAPER items, and my pockets would be a little bit heavier~! So what do you think my dear Fluffies? Are you willing to spend for these ultimate luxuries?? Let us know in the comments below~!

Keep your heads stuffed~!

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