Rae's Manic Monday - Rearrange!

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Hello there my dear Fluffies~!! I'm back again~! How was your weekend? Me? Oh~~ I spent my weekend rearranging a whole loooot of stuff~! I took out my broken racks and replaced them with either organizers or cabinets, cleaned up more stuff and made more space in my room and apartment! Oh.. I know what you're thinking.. Yes~!! It's time for Rae's Manic Monday!!! The Power of Rearrangement~!

Racks Versus Drawers/Organizers

Racks are so easy to assemble and so easy to place! You don't have to lug around a heavy container and save a whole lot! Sigh~~ But then, you start feeling the consequences to that~~

1. You may not be lugging a heavy container, but you're giving your precious things an uncertain lifespan because of the feeble foundation the racks have. (Not unless you have metal racks, but then why would you have the expensive metal racks that require more time and effort instead of plastic/wooden cabinets or drawers?)

2. The dust settles on all of your things. That's the problem with anything that doesn't have a cover~! You have to wipe each and every thing you have placed on the rack! You pick it up and place everything in a clean corner and wipe the rack and put everything back again~ It's so tedious! Definitely not worth my time~

3. It's also human instinct, that when you see an open space, you just plunge your things right through!! My mother has been very vocal of her exasperation lately with me and my sibling because of this practice~~ :D Naturally, if we just put all our stuff on any open space, it will eventually cause clutter and the huge mess you would see in your living space!

Now, do you see why I prefer Drawers/Organizers? :)

1. They're not open faced so I can put all my stuff in and just clean the whole drawer/organizer on the outside!
2. One place, one label.. I can have a drawer filled with garbage (useless stuff) and not let my mother see the unsightly-ness of it~!! Brilliant plan? Oh yes~! At least, when I would like to go to my useless stuff, school stuff, work stuff.. I will only go to a specific drawer and boom! I can find my specific thing there!

Lazy Susan for the not-so Lazy!

So~ Do you get my connection dear Fluffies? :) Put a Lazy Susan inside your bookcase or cabinet~! Lazy Susans are very efficient on little things that you and your family use every now and then~! Say.. lotions, sanitizers, allergy medications or even.. up to most used kitchen condiments! It costs less space and gives you a more concrete reminder on where you placed your most-used thingies~! You don't have to reach in and knock some few bottles out of the way.. All you have to do is just turn your little lazy susan and your requested item shall be whirled in a moment!


Another way of setting up your lazy susan inside your cabinet is this! It's the best way to put in stuff on places that are hard to reach! Most especially this corner!


There you have it my dear Fluffies~!! My little tips and tricks..or even a little jolt of reminder for some of you~! I shall continually go and search for ways to make your living spaces clutter-free, dust-free and odor-free! I do hope you find these helpful~!

Keep your heads stuffed~!

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