Monday Blues and Ice Cream

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Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

So says Karen Carpenter in her song, "Rainy days and Mondays". And I, Random Rae, totally agree with it. However, it is another story on having to work on a Monday and on a holiday at the same time! Nonetheless!!! I shall smile and get through it all! ^___^

Last weekend, I've been hanging around with my baby cousins, and eating ice cream with them. (Oh the joy of messy babies munching on ice cream goodness!) Which brings me to one of our problems, the end of the cone would get too soft and start leaking!

And the solution is: Marshmallows. Before you put the ice cream into the cone, just plug in a small marshmallow at the bottom and that would prevent the end from softening up too fast! Kids would be able to enjoy their ice cream longer and a special treat would be waiting for them at the end! This would also help in lessening the number of hands to clean up after dessert time.

Fluffies on vacation or at home, give this a try. I'm sure you would definitely like the extra time of enjoying your ice cream cone! :)

Keep your heads stuffed~!

*credits to lieveheersbeestje for the pic.