Rae's Monday Panic Cleaning - Bathroom Edition

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Okay, time to wake up! Chop-chop! It's monday, and you need to get up from your sleepy-beddy goodness bum! Are you awake now? Fantastic!

For a yuppie (young professionals), it will be another week of suffering and pain at work. (I'm exaggerating...or not~) We spend more than 10 hours outside of our house and when we get back, we won't have time to make our abode clean as a nickel. BUT worry no more, my dear fluffy yuppies, here's my cheap, fast and leave-at-home vinegar solutions~

Introducing Rae's Monday Panic Cleaning - Bathroom Edition!

Vinegar Shower-wich
1. 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup white distilled vinegar into sandwich bag (careful with the bubbles!) and tie it around the showerhead. Then, go to work.
2. After you get back, remove the bag and run the water for a minute to get rid of the vinegar. Voila, no more crummy showerheads!

Bye-Bye Calcy Faucet
1. Soak cloth in white distilled vinegar and wrap faucet area. (Make sure it's tight~!) Off to work!
2. After you get back, take cloth off, wipe and run water for few seconds. Goodbye, heavy-amounts-of-calcium-deposits cranky faucet~

Sparkly Toilet Bowl
1. Pour 1-3 cups of diluted white distilled vinegar to toilet bowl. Move your bum to work now!
2. After you get back, scrub with toilet brush and flush. Let Edward Cullen beat that sparkle!!

Rae's eco-friendly foolproof super-cheap cleaner
1. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water.
2. Spray and wipe

Remember, my dear fluffy yuppies, vinegar will remain acidic if not properly diluted. So save it into your memory, dilute accurately!

If you have marble surfaces, don't use this! Vinny is not good for marble surfaces~ Don't worry about the smell.. It vanishes as it dries~!

Clean fast and Keep your heads stuffed my dear fluffies~!