Little pick me ups

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The holidays are near my dear fluffies.. The work is getting harder and harder.. Everything from work to personal life is bottling up and you just want to disappear from it all! Take my little advice below and I hope it makes a difference in you..

Hot Cocoa

Chocolate is a strong pick-me-up.. Do it in moderation or else you'll be stressed with another problem.

Deep Breaths

Whoever created the mantra of breathing deeply and counting 1 to 10 is a genius. A series of deep breaths and happy thoughts are all you need to calm a bit.

Write or Talk it Out

You don't need to write coherent paragraphs.. Just air it out.. Doodle something or write the words that you want to say.. Burn it afterward.. We don't want anybody else to see our little angry moment~

For the talking? Sometimes best friends get tired of your complaining.. You can always give out a huge scream (alone, in a faraway place~) and let it all out.

Hug me tight

Sometimes, a good hug is all you need.

These things are all tried and tested.. These worked well for me my dear Fluffies.. I cannot guarantee it'll be the same as yours.. However, I do hope this helped in one or another..

Until then, keep holding on and keep your heads stuffed!

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