Resolution Planning for 2014

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It is officially the end of the second week of the year~!! It is now time to get serious~! I'm pretty sure that on the first minute of January 1st, you looked up to the sky and wondered when are you going to take the steps on being a brand new you~ You've made some resolutions and now.. you're starting to slip! New year's resolutions with no follow-ups? *gasp* Let me help you follow everything through and get you the best that this year could ever offer~!


Let me get ahead of you my dear Fluffies~~ A timeline is different from a calendar, a timeline has key events tied with a passage of time. A calendar just gives you the month and the day of the current year. Get what you need~ A calendar, a notebook, a sketchpad.. create your own timelines with dates that you can manage~ It doesn't even matter if you carry over some of your goals to next year~ What's important is that you know what you can do and therefore, know what you can manage. If you have a big goal.. then check out the next reminder below..

Drill Down

I prefer having various types of goals, because at the end of the year.. a goal accomplished, no matter how little or big, will always play a big role in the scheme of life.

I'm sure you have this one BIG goal, but can you break down that BIG goal into a bunch of smaller goals? Or what about other goals that you want to add with your ultimate goal? I say, go for it~! Try breaking down your goals and see what you can achieve day by day.. week by week.. month by month and so on~! The problem with us humans, is that when we have a deadline that's so far away we tend to procrastinate. Make that deadline shorter and more feasible? You got it all in the bag.


Having a bunch of friends that are trying on new goals this 2014 helps~~ Know anybody? You can even have a support group so all of you can check up on each other and help each other reach the goal~! And if you don't trust your friends enough for this type of thing... Well.. try to make annoying calendar reminders/notifications that will make you remember throughout the day of your goal. *wink wink*

On a more important note.. Remember, the best support that you can ever have is yourself! The motivation IN you is worth more than a hundred friends' cheers, because it is YOU who decide to go on!

Last, but definitely not the least...


Keep an open mind, my dear Fluffies~ Be open to circumstances that might come your way and delay you from completing your goals. Prevent? Nope, the only obstacle that could prevent your from completing your goals, is you. In the words of Lewis Robinson from Meet the Robinsons (I love that movie~!!), "Keep moving forward."

To my planning-loving Fluffies, how do you start and keep your goals? Let us know in the comments section below!

Keep your heads stuffed~!

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