Pocket Princesses: Beautiful Yet Handy

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TGIF, my dear Fluffies~~!! The week has finally come to an end and I simply cannot wait for my weekend of relaxation to start!

Us girly Fluffies, were always captivated by the Disney princesses. Everytime we see their cute dresses and cutie patootie shoes, we just cannot get enough.. It also gives us a tinge of sadness, that life is a bit too perfect for us. Oh how the feelings of inadequacy, and sadness overtake us.. Sometimes, I wonder how it feels like for them to be placed in multiple situations in real life.. Or... What about the princesses living together? :3

Thank goodness for Amy Mebberson for giving us that new light! Meet the pocket princesses, my dear Fluffies~!!! She stripped down all the idealistic Disney images and played on with their mischievous sides to give us this cute hilarious shorts!

You can check more shorts here! Let us know what you think on the shorts and the cutie patootie pocket princesses~!

Take a look at the some of her strips below. Keep your heads stuffed~!!