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Pokemon Movie 16

Hello there my dearest Fluffies~!! I am so sorry that I have been out of the radar~! :( I have been in the weirdest of transitions, but for today... I am now fine! And what better way to celebrate a good feeling than a Pokemon movie? :3

It's an all-new Pokémon adventure! The rage of a mysterious Pokémon is about to be unleashed upon the city, and the Legendary Mewtwo is joining the fight! Who is the friend and who is the foe?

Pokemon Genesect and the Legend Awakened is the 3rd and the last movie of the Best Wishes trilogy. Overall, it's the 16th (yes~!! That many already~!) Pokemon movie. The Genesect (extinct 300 million years ago) were revived by the evil Team Plasma in hope of creating an evil Pokemon army. The leader, Red Genesect, along with it's 4 companion Genesects escaped and are searching for their ancient home. On the flip side, we still follow Ash, Iris and Dent to Pokemon Hills where it's finishing up for the grand opening. Their paths cross when the Genesect have decided to set up their home inside Pokemon Hills amidst the bustling city. In the middle, is MewTwo trying to help the Genesect find their place in the world~!

Did I love the movie? Of course~! What is not to love with Pokemon? Everything is just so happy, carefree, and sometimes I just want to run away to a world where everybody helps each other~ I call it my escape~~ As a young professional, to be able to revisit my happy place as a kid definitely busts out the stress molecules from my body! Is it kid-friendly? Yes, but... a little note to the parents~ There are some scenes that might cause seizures especially to sensitive children.

To be clear, Fluffies~ The MewTwo featured in the movie is a different character~ The screenwriter, Hideki Sonoda, confirmed on Twitter (after the adoring fans asked him~) that this Mewtwo is a different individual from the character in the first Pokemon film and Yuyama has stated that it was his decision on Pokemon Smash.

Check out the trailer below~!! :3

There's also a mini-movie with Pokemon Genest and the Legend Awakened, Eevee and Friends~! Catch Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Espion, Umbreon and Sylveon as they create little mischief across their home! Pikachu and Friends are also with them in this mini-movie~~

Pikachu short movie 16

Truly a feel good movie to reminisce your childhood and to let all other kids of this generation enjoy Pokemon~! Let us know below if you've seen the movie~!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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