Sleep with your Windows Phone!

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Sleep is a sound mixer that combines 19 soothing base sounds with accompanying accent sounds to provide you with a good nights sleep, Pin your favorite base sounds to the start screen by long pressing the tile for quick access to your favorite soothing sounds! No Ads!

One gets a bunch of basic sounds like Rain, Crackling Fire, Ticking Clock, Wind, Birds, Silence (Well~~ I'll tell you it's purpose later~~), Ocean waves, Fan, Stream, Driving, White Noise and City! That's a whole lot, if you ask me~! And not only that, there are 6 accent sounds to each basic sound~! Thunder, Wind, Frogs, Crickets, Chimes and Fog Horn! Ooohh~~ Now you get why the Silence basic sound has a mighty good use~! It means you can choose only to play one or more of the 6 accent sounds included~ Imagine a total silence with nothing but cricketty crickets!

Oh.. you've noticed the "No Ads!" promise! Yay~! I do assure you that this app is ad-free. Then again, how can we ever help to support the maker? There's a premium pack that includes Airplanes, Light Rain, Hot Tub Noise (HUH~!), Train, and more Rain~~ It'll cost you about $1.29 USD and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Most especially if you're sharing this app on your phone with your loved ones~~ :) Lulling babies to sleep will be easier now too~!

Do check out more of the app here! And for you tech Fluffies out there, Sleep app is free for download and works with Windows Phone 7.5 to Windows Phone 8~!

My favorite soothing sound combination would be the chimes.. or the ocean with chimes.. It reminds me of my dream place, in an island with the ocean breeze and the wind chimes in my bamboo house~! What a way to start my journey to dreamland~! So my dear Fluffies, hurry on and download now~! Keep your heads stuffed and your pillows fluffed~!

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