Rae's Sleeping Goodies~!

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I toss and I turn. I cry a little and die a little inside as the sun peeks through my windows saying, "You have not slept a wink at all." Those were the days that I had so much trouble sleeping, and I have since tried to lessen those instances of sleepless nights~ I've tried sooo many things and I don't wish to go get sleeping pills to help me... I found 5 ways to help me and I would most definitely love to share them to you~! Welcome to Rae's Sleeping Goodies~!!!

5. Comfy~~

When you wake up each day, you need to feel that you are truly relaxed! You don't want your muscles to be hurting nor your back... So get your best pillows, buy the best (and most affordable!) mattress and get your best (favorite~!) blankie~! By making your bed comfy as it should be can help minimize the pain! Now that you've made your bed as comfy as it can be, it will surely be most inviting for you!

When you go to sleep, there's another thing that needs to be comfy~ Your EYES. Try to be in a dark room as much as possible (soft-hued nightlights are the best for the more challenged Fluffy~). It's you telling your brain that you have plans of going to sleep. Mr. Brain will get that message and then will lightly release the needed hormones to take you to dreamland~~~

4. Move!

your Workplace! Take your work out of the equation when you flop down to your ever beloved bed~! The bed should only be a place for rest and never an extension of your workplace, it's unfair for you and your body. As a young pro, I get this a lot. I do so many things in my bed, and I wake up in a very awkward position. Not to mention that I wake up extremely stressed due to the unfinished work responsibilities strewn all over my bed~! Yes, even your smartphone that tempts you to do a quick check on your Facebook or Twitter!

you Body! The main purpose of sleep is to help you regain the energy and strength that you've lost throughout the day.. If you've been doing nothing all day long, your body will have a hard time regaining something that wasn't lost. This is a sure fire way to disrupting your sleep cycle and not help you regulate your sleeping schedule! Remember, a good sleeping schedule means you have maintained a constant sleeping time and a constant waking time.

3. Nommage.

to minimum please! And I'm sure that you, my dear Fluffies, know that digestion slows down when you sleep. Never eat a heavy meal before going to sleep, this would disrupt your tummy and give you uncomfy sleep~! A huge meal could mean that the food won't settle down by the time you sleep... Try eating AT LEAST three hours before going to sleep. Yes, a LIGHT MEAL if you must. Best food to eat would be, banana or yogurt! Yummy healthy goodness! Another thing, my dear Fluffies.. Don't drink too much water or else you'll have to end up facing the midnight monsters on your way to the loo for dehydration~!

2. Cool!

Sometimes in the middle of the night, I wake up in shivers or sweats. I either have a too cold or a too hot room~! =_= Annoying, it truly is~~ (Yoda, is that you? Anyway~!!!!) Keep your room a little cool that you would be comfortable enough to wrap yourself in your blankie and drift off to dream land~! The desirable temperature would be 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 to 22 degrees Celsius, or whatever works for you~! Try also taking a hot bath at most two hours before you sleep, and as your body cools down ever so slowly, your eyes will get droopy and you'll be off to Zzzzz land~

1. Cuddle!!!

When you were young, you always love that feeling of snuggling up to your mom and dad.. It's a feeling of assurance and security.. Fluffies, I know what you're thinking,"Hey! Does this mean I have to have someone sleep beside me?!" Of course not~! I go to sleep at night while cuddling my best friend in the whole wide world, Oinky~!! I can certainly speak for myself that when I was separated from Oinky for 2 months, I could never get a good's night sleep~ I was miserable, and I was missing Oinky terribly. But when I got back, boy oh boy~~~~ My nights were definitely happier with my favorite dolly~~~

There they are~! My 5 ways to getting the Zzzzs~!!! However, if you truly think you have a sleeping disorder, it's truly best to consult your doctor.

What are your methods of trying to sleep my dear Fluffies? Let us know on the comments below~!! Keep your heads stuffed and bodies well rested~!!!

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