Brushing Up on Music with Soundbrush!

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My dear Fluffies~!! How have you been? :) I'm so sorry for being out of the grid this past week~! And to my utter horror, I've left you a post about useless stuff and not following up on something good! Oho~!! It's quite rare that I get to write about an app... Tony hogs it all, but for this special app I specifically requested that I write about it!!

Soundbrush by LeafNotes is likely the most creative and fun way to make music using your iPad! You just draw, brush, press, dot or etcetera!!! Voila! Music has been created! There are countless of ways to make music with Soundbrush! The free instruments are piano (stock), ocarina (after you tweet) and harmonica (after you like). Other instruments A maximum of 6 instruments shall be used in one "song" and each instrument has it's own effects type. There's so much you can do Fluffies~!! Take a look at the image below..those are the choices that you can create wonderful music from! For less than $10 USD, you can have all of them!


Not only that... Soundbrush allows you to share your masterpiece to Soundbrush users worldwide!! You can like, comment and favorite other people's masterpieces~! Another thing... You can even download theirs too!

I must admit my dear Fluffies.. The reason for writing about this post was the name~! Soundbrush! It reminds me of this~!!


Soundbrush? :3 Brushie...brushiee???? :3 From the untrained ear to the trained ear... From the ever tiny tot Fluffies to their mommies and daddies~! This app will serve you well and with great enjoyment! I'm quite excited to show this to my little cousins.. yes.. With the quiet hopes that they will discover their love for music and create a music band together! Soundbrush is available for iPad at the iTunes Appstore for FREE. If you want to know more about Soundbrush, just check out the video below~!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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