Stomach Bug Be Gone!

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I was down and out~!!!! The stomach bug has punched me in the gut and I was forced to seek refuge under the covers and cower until it's gone~!! T__T After trying out multiple treatments, I've decided that I found the 3S that will make me feel better! So if in any case, anyone of you my dear Fluffies will get hit by the stomach bug..remember the 3S!!!!


Preferably clear soup. My tummy was in utter turmoil~!!! It was total chaos inside and I couldn't stop from squirming because of the pain… My stomach bug was due to something unhealthy that I was eating for the past few days, so I need to fill my tummy. Clear soup is the best as it's easy to swallow and easy to digest. I also go for tomato-based soups as it gives a heap of flavor for our tired bodies~! Try to avoid oily foods as well, since they can definitely trigger another rage in your tummy! It's best to go with some light protein as well like fish and chicken~!

and… tada.. Here's a recipe for a Fish Provence Soup that will definitely help~!


Fluids… Fluids… Fluids! I can never stress that enough~!! The stomach bug causes you to go back to the bathroom multiple times, or even cause you to puke. You need to replenish your dehydrated body! I drank Gatorade to not just hydrate myself but to also help in adding to my ion count~

An important note, if you don't try to hydrate yourself for fear of expelling it.. Think again.. You are expelling MORE than what you need to expel and you need to get it back. Remember, your body needs fluids to function~!!!


Waiting for the medicine to work is the most excruciating one hour of my life~!!! I felt like I could pass out from the intense pain…which actually helps.. I succumbed to sleep from the intense pain, and when I woke up.. I was feeling a bit renewed!!

There you have it my dear Fluffies~! I hope, that you remember my little tips when your tummies are feeling down…However.. I really hope your tummies won't go down~! There are so many wonderful and yummy foods to eat~!!

Do you have other tips? Let us know on the comments below~! Keep your heads stuffed~!!!

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