TGIF: Stress Buster

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It's the last day of the workweek, my dear fluffies! And it's time to bust some stress out!

Increase Social Interaction

Well... Not necessarily partying! A good day/night out with friends and laughs or even tears, is a quick answer! If you have a bestie, you can tell them what's troubling you and it will feel so much better. You just need to pour out your emotions, or even better.. You just need a simple reminder from life that this world is nice to live in because of love and the people who love you.


I have been pitted against meanies before, and boy.. did exercise make me feel good! Go for sports, like badminton, soccer, tennis and/or baseball. I used to smash or kick balls thinking it was the meanie that hurt me. It helped with my anger, and the laughs I get with my friends? Absolutely priceless. The stress that I have felt before playing was gone in a few minutes. Try doing an hour to an hour and a half of that, and bam! Not only would you get your much needed cardio workout, you also get to blow off some steam in a good way.

A good cry

Last and but not the least, a good cry. I have tried days where everything keeps going wrong. I had no one to turn to, no one. Nada! I just curled up in my bed, got a sad movie and started bawling my eyes out. Of which, I drifted off to sleep and woke up feeling fresh and new!

Hint: The solutions mentioned above, does not work for everyone. These are my tried and tested ways of stress-busting techniques, and I still employ their help when I'm down in the dumps.