Sword Art Online

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Imagine a MMORPG that is virtual.. You put on your helmet, go into a sleep state and bring your consciousness into another world. You take on a character, another you with a whole set of characteristics and skills. You are another person, and you mingle with people like you. You complete quests, you feel the pain, you do everything in that world as you would in real life. Except…. this game does not let you respawn.. Once you die, you die. And your true self dies with it.

That's Sword Art Online, my dear fluffies!

I have been watching this anime for a few days now, and definitely, the plot is very interesting. There are some unexpected twists and it keeps me coming back! The online world is absolute adorable and beautiful! It keeps me wishing that the technology of NerveGear would exist (minus the great enduring problem of not being able to log out and dying from an online knockout).

I really like Kirito, the protagonist of the story. He's so fluffy-wuffy adorable beyond all reason~! He's your typical nice but timid guy, who turns out to have something up his sleeve always.

Parents, a word of caution~ There are definitely scenes that you don't want to show your kiddies… Don't say I didn't warn you.. Exercise caution and always be with them! You might have some explaining to do but at least they'll understand~

'Till then my dear Fluffies~! Keep your heads stuffed and enjoy~!