Techie Teaser

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Let me present to you an itty-bitty teaser from our friend, Microsoft.

Somebody a.k.a. Techie Tony got too caught up with the software he was supposed to review tonight. He just had to be so picky and meticulous about it. He's driving us crazy here at the Fluffyheadquarters of his need to finish the installation to get good screenshots. Or maybe, he's just a big sleepyhead who woke up late this morning too~ =_=

Yes. S-C-R-E-E-N-S-H-O-T-S.

That's how much he treasures you, our dear fluffies. We want to give you the best review!

I'm gonna pound the living daylights out of Techie Tony tomorrow. I wanted oh-so-much to relax on this fluffy day, and he sends me off for this~!

Come back tomorrow, my dear fluffies, 'till then, Keep your heads stuffed~!