TetraWord Tuesday

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Hi there Fluffies~!!! It's TetraWord Tuesday~!!! 4 words~ 4 new words to spice up your vocabulary~!! We found this book, "The Superior Person's book of Words" by Peter Bowler and we all had a blast here reading it~!!! :3 Tony was very quick to point out and quick to insist that I use the book's example sentences!! Sigh~~ Well, in the spirit of faster memorization.. I did! I hope you have fun learning them today~!

a superior term for Daffodil

Example: "It's a Daffodil~!!!!!"

To pare off, as nails, the hoof, etc.

Example: "Mom, it really is too much! I wish you could do something about it; it makes me sick. Richard is in the bathroom, exungulating himself again!"

Not anonymous.

Example: "And I'd appreciate it if you stop sending me onymous love letters!" you call out to your unwanted suitor.

Shaking like a jelly.

Example: "Your body is tremellose!

More words to come every week my dear Fluffies~! I do hope you enjoy making fun sentences and shocking your friends~! Or even.. your enemies~! But be kind!!! ;)

Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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