TetraWord Tuesday : The letter P

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Welcome to Random Rae's Tetraword Tuesday~!! The Letter P edition~!! That's right~!! :3 I've found another set of new words to learn~!! I've got four words and four examples that are passages from The Atlantic Monthly~!!

Paean (PEE uhn)

A song or hymn of joy, triumph or praise: originally, in ancient Greece, a hymn of thanksgiving to Apollo or another god for victory or survival in battle.

Walden is probably our only, as it is certainly our first, nature classic. It lives because it has the real breath of life; it embodies a fresh and unique personality, and portrays an experiment in the art of living close to nature, in a racy and invigorating style. It is a paean in praise of that kind of noble poverty which takes the shine out of wealth completely. All the same, most of its readers would doubtless prefer the lot of the young men, his townsmen, to whom Thoreau refers, "whose misfortune it is to have inherited farms, houses, barns, cattle and farming tools" - things, he added, that "are more easily acquired than got rid of." - John Burroughs, April 1919

Perspicacity (per spuh KA suh tee)

Keenness of insight, perception or understanding

When an author writes "Chapter 1" at the top of a blank page, he is starting out on a strange and often dangerous adventure. Without knowing it always, he is going to tell us all about himself, but he feels perfectly safe because he masquerades as a dozen different people and never credits the reader with enough perspicacity to find him out. - Julian Green, December 1941

Plaint (playnt)

An audible expression of sorrow or grief; lamentation; grieving

Sound has no power to express a profounder emotion of utter loneliness than the loon's cry. Standing in piny darkness on the lake's bank, or floating in dimness of mist or glimmer of twilight on its surface, you hear this wailing note, and all possibility of human tenancy by the shore or human voyaging is annihilated. You can fancy no response to this signal of solitude disturbed, and again it comes sadly over the water, the despairing plaint of some companionless and incomplete existence, exiled from happiness it has never known, and conscious only of blank and utter want. - Theodore Winthrop, September 1862

Purblink (PER bligned)

Slow in perceiving or understanding; lacking or incapable of clear mental, moral or spiritual vision

It is hard to understand the mental processes of men like Hitler and Napoleon, who are at times so incomparably shrewder and more perceptive than their fellow men and at times so incomparably purblind. - Clifton Fadiman, May 1942

Big words? Long sentences? My dear Fluffies, without a complex world to live in and complex words to live by.. this will be not be such an interesting place to live in~!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!

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