The Croods : the Coolest Prehistoric Family

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Ever wondered what happened during Scrat's Continental Crack Up my dear Fluffies?

Well~~~ This happened~!! :)

Here at theFluffyHeadquarters, we have our very little weakness.. animated films~!! And Dreamworks has given us another family movie to absolute enjoy and love~!! The Croods (get it? crude~! :D) movie was obviously set in the prehistoric times, and I loved every bit of it! The setting is quite obvious, even the words and the first part of the plot. We did have to look past that to fully enjoy the movie~ There was comedy, drama, and even some suspense.. (pssstt.. mostly comedy~!) I enjoyed their little modern family humor and the things that the world can mostly relate to~ Not only that, their concept of prehistoric animals are out of this world! Flying turtles..walking whales.. you name it. They got it~! Oh.. I won't tell you all, I'll be giving out some good parts of the movie. There's even a funny bit that relates to, "Release the Kraken" :D The best bits? Try to look out for the pets.. :) And you'll know what I mean~!

A personal weakness of mine is Emma Stone's voice... :) I really like her little raspy voice as Eep! For the lady Fluffies, Ryan Reynolds is also here (as Guy)! What I didn't expect was Nicolas Cage voicing the head of the household..and it fits!

What you have here is a mix of multiple lessons, and all worth to think and reflect about~ :) Dearest parents, you should watch with your kids and have some family funtime! Try to reach out to your kiddos and teach them about the many lessons you can derive from this movie! To be quite honest, I was touched and it was definitely a little pick-me-up after a stressful work week~~

1. Moving forward or looking beyond the horizon
2. Using your brain
3. Hoping for tomorrow
4. Family is forever

P.S. Color-lovin' Fluffies would definitely get a kick out of this too~! Tony enjoyed it so much~!

Keep your heads stuffed~!!!

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